Our Story

Skincare trusted by millions since 1985

Herbal Skincare

SEKKISEI is a Japanese skin care brand infused with ancient Asian herbal remedies known for highly effective moisturizing and skin brightening benefits.

Since 1985, our formulas have combined Japanese scientific research with carefully selected ingredients from hundreds of different herbs to create the most effective skin care products.

Unlock Your Glow

With everyday use, SEKKISEI will brighten the skin’s complexion by minimizing the appearance of age spots and sun damage as well as preventing future melanin production. It will also moisturize, creating luminous and dewy skin.

Centuries Old Wisdom

SEKKISEI was created based on the concept of applying herbal medicine to skin care. The brand sought to combine multiple herbal ingredients in formulas that improve and maintain the skin’s fundamental condition through everyday use. This led to the creation of SEKKISEI’s “translucency” recipe, with over 100 carefully selected types of plants, for more luminous, almost translucent skin.